264 win mag ballistics

264 Win Mag Ballistics and Performance

I have owned a , , and I currently shoot a AI for hunting. The AI and the are nearly ballistic equals (+~50 fps). If you pack enough. Cartridge, Winchester Magnum ; Grain Weight, Grains ; Quantity, 20 Round ; Muzzle Velocity, Feet Per Second ; Muzzle Energy, Foot Pounds. Here are my thoughts a with the gr ELD M is that that PRC will give you is just a little more that a hot load in Rem. 50 to FPS. The win mag. Win Mag has a longer bullet, with a bullet diameter of” compared to the PRC's”. The Win Mag therefore has a larger case capacity, at. The Winchester Magnum was developed from the belted H&H Magnum cartridge and sports a whopping case capacity of gr of water and a max pressure of. I seldom use Grand Slam bullets, and never in I didn't realize that they are two diameter bullets. Like you, my Win Mag realized over fps with.

My current load in the x68 is using a gr Barnes LRX bullet at about fps. I've shot this same bullet over fps, but prefer the lighter load. Description. Winchester Win Mag brass, Berger grain VLD-H (hunting) @ fps, Hodgdon Extreme powder, Federal M (match magnum) primer. Match. Nosler Trohpy Grade™ Win Mag Grain AccuBond Ammunition - 20 Count · Cases checked for correct length · Necks sized, chamfered and trued · Flash holes.

Magnum. Winchester Magnum. grain TTSX BT. Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficient C.O.A.L Suggested Bullet. Win Mag spits a grain bullet fps and shoots impressively flat. Winchester introduced the original clear back in when Elvis was dancing to. Winchester Magnum ; in (85 mm) · · Large rifle · 64, psi ( MPa).

Current factory ballistics show a grain bullet at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3, fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 2, ft. lbs. The yard figures are. Fired from a inch barrel, the grain Triple Shock generates about 3, fps and penetrates deep. On my first trip to Africa, I. Ballistics Charts & Data for the Winchester Magnum Rifle. Velocity, Energy, Short/Long Trajectory for Winchester Magnum caliber rounds.

Home › Centerfire Ammo › Win Mag. Ammo. Ex-Military. Brand. ADI · Aguila · American Eagle · AV Ballistics · Barnes · Bentley · Browning · Buffalo River. Win Mag is a fantastic round, esp. if you handload. I have one that is more Look at the ballistics at the longer ranges and tell me how the out. Core-Lokt Winchester Magnum Grain # Muzzle Velocity - FPS. Muzzle Energy - FT LBS. B.C. - Trajectory. 50yd, yd, yd, yd. Win Mag utilizes the superb ballistics of the mm family of bullets to wring out impressive performance. The round was intended to be a capable.

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Muzzle Velocity: ; WARNING for California Residents ; Grain Weight, ; Muzzle Velocity, ; Ballistic Coefficient were offered, a grain bullet at 3, feet per second and a grain Power Point at 3, fps. Currently W-W offers just the grain load rated at. Search Showing. of 56 · Now Seeking Win Mag Ammo · Cost Range. $ - $ This is a true heavyweight for your Win Mag. This is perfect for all N. American big gameyd. Zeroyds - " high fps / ft/lbsyds. ″ bullets have a higher ballistic coefficient than the most common bullets used in the Winchester Magnum though. The mm bore diameter is also in. A typical Creedmoor load shoots a grain bullet at about 2, fps (2, ft-lbs). So, the Creedmoor does not have eye popping ballistics, but it is. Well-Known Member Win Mag is a superb long range round. In the old days it had a reputation of being an overbore barrel burner, but with modern powders. WINCHESTER MAGNUM ; Bullet Wgt./Style, PSP ; Ballistic Coeficient, ; Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated ; Muzzle, Handloaded in 26” barrels with the correct components the Win Mag is comfortably capable of delivering 2, fps with grain bullets, 3, fps with gr bullets FPS; gr bullets FPS; gr bullets FPS; gr bullets FPS; gr bullets FPS; gr bullets FPS. With our “.
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